Friday, July 15, 2011

Planning, Planning

I have read a LOT of homeschooling blogs lately! Some just for fun and some to really learn from. Most veteran homeschoolers will tell you that when starting a new year,! As in: Don't plan to do to much, too soon. It's, sort of, a "duh" but as a new homeschooler, the words are welcomed. Because you're teaching your family, it's hard to stop yourself from doing anything and everything! 

Right now I'm planning. Not necessarily scheduling, but planning so that I'm not sitting around Sunday evening (usually the only night John and I have quiet time together) thinking of what to do the following week. I've made it to December with a general idea of what I want to do for the month and a few "musts" for some days (i.e. birthdays, co-op day, holidays, community oriented days, ect). 

I'm really excited, now. I really believe I'm making the right decision for my family, at this time. I'm excited to see what the next year will hold for us and ready to get started!