Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Week Post Christmas

Schooling through the holiday season proved more difficult a task than I had expected! Not that the kids need much "formal" school...

I really couldn't make the time to blog about the things we did from November through December because I was too busy crafting! This year I think my deadline for making gifts is the first of November. After that, NO crafting! 

This was our first week back and next week we'll be having a do-over. We were bombarded by a virus for 11 days. It was absolutely terrible and, to add fuel to the fire, my washer wasn't working! (It was later found to have a cloth wipe wrapped around the pump.) 

Things just piled up and sitting down for school things went to the back burner. We did manage to get a few things done before even I fell ill to this super virus. 

This week I continued introducing Eli to letters, but now I'll be going about it a little differently. Instead of the alphabet in order, we'll be working on the easiest letters to write first. He is very interested in writing so I thought I'd let him give it a whirl! 

Eli is always so dirty! It was only 8 or 9am and his hand is filthy!
 Turner started to work on short vowels. I'm trying to get him to finish really recognizing sounds as he becomes more interested in reading. 
There are so many great FREE resources out there! This vowel set came from Homeschool Creations.
 Over the holidays, Turner found this human body kit in a catalog and ended up getting it from his grandparents for Christmas! I had already planned on doing a human body unit for January so it worked out perfect! Even though the boys are very young, they were incredibly intrigued by the squishy body and really enjoyed taking it apart and putting the parts on the "organ-izer."
Every time they would take a different part out, Eli would hem and haw and say "Ah ha! I see how that goes!"

One of the hi-lights: finding the brain inside the skull!
 Deacon is proving to be incredibly...umm...busy these days! I'm finding it hard to occupy him while the boys do sit-down work. Most days, I have to put him in his high chair or I'm likely to find him doing something like this:

Apparently, he didn't like the way the calendar board looked...
 I'm really hoping for a better week coming up!

Monday, January 2, 2012

We're Back!

After a longer break than intended, we're back at it! The kids have been asking to do "work" for weeks (months?). I was just so busy with holiday fun that I didn't think they'd miss the routine of the day. WRONG! They totally missed our little daily rhythm! 

Apparently, even Deacon missed school. I couldn't find him one day and found him here with paper and crayons! It was the cutest scene. 

This little opinionated, temperamental, dude loves (LOVES) shoes. Everyday he
must have something on his feet -even with his PJs!