Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Homeschool Room

Formal dining room for a not-so-formal-family = school room! We just happen to have a space to contain our mess, but that doesn't doesn't mean everything happens in here! The kids go NUTS in their "FROG" (aka massive bedroom where we bounce in the bouncy house, play soccer when it's cold, etc), play for hours on end outside, bake in the kitchen, make a mess in the in-formal dining area. They're all over the place, but here's the room we try to contain ourselves in...

The corner holds most of our supplies (for now), the wires to hold art work are just made of
picture hanging wire, wrapped around screws. 

Table taken from the eat-in kitchen area, lights from IKEA, hanging pocket organizers from
Wal-Mart. The calendar is a replica of Counting Coconuts. I hope she finds this flattering
because I adore her site! 

The black shelves will be for Eli for Tot Trays, I made the circle rug, pillows, and a
friend made the flags while we were traveling. 

I enjoy art and creating so I try to share that with the kids. They made these signs
that I originally found on Pintrest

I had Eli do this one because, well, he's the one that finds the most enjoyment painting. 

The kids love maps! Since their dad is in the Navy and travels the world I thought
I'd put up all the continents, though it's a bit early. They're always asking where he's at
and where our US friends live so here's the place to track all that! 

...behind the curtain is the mess...


We have been traveling almost the entire summer! The Silver Bullet has driven from Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and aaaalll the way down to Florida (and countless miles around said states)! I am happy to report, I've been abel to be creative and teach the kids a few things along the way...kind of...

What I've been doing since we returned home two weeks ago is become "official!" I submitted a letter of intent to our school board and immediately began to work on our school room. Luckily, we have a room (the formal dining room) that was available for use and just collecting odds and ends. As soon as I finish it up today I'll take some pictures and I'm going to link up with a blog hop about the room. I'm always curious to know how other decorate/plan and do just about anything so I thought it'd be fun to share our room! 

Here's to a new year!