Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lots of Life Happens!

I'm not really sure why I took such a long break from posting here, but I did. 

And a whole lot of life happened: like deployments, moving, and a few new family members! 

There has been too much school to catch you up on, but most (all four of you) know what we've been up to at any rate. I'll start updating from here and keep you updated as best I can! 

We started our new school year and have attempted at schooling year 'round for the past year -although there were some pretty large breaks. 

Here are the boys with their annual, super professional, signs: 

The boys are all going to start contributing to this blog in different ways. Deacon and Eli are going to dictate a little about anything they feel is relevant and Turner is going to start typing a short story a week. Once we get an iPad, this process will be smoother!