Sunday, June 26, 2011


After MUCH deliberation, we will be homeschooling! 

We finished the rest of preschool with some wonderful weather so I abandoned the blog and we went outside. Really, we worked on getting Turner ready for kindergarten in case the decision was made to send him to the local public school. 

In getting him ready, I found all the rest of my reasons to go ahead with homeschooling. Turner hates writing at the moment: he's not ready. He hates coloring. Um, hello, I know they color all the time in kindergarten classrooms. He's not ready for sitting, nor should he be forced to do so. He still takes naps and, really, the thought of him giving them up abruptly in September to go to school just saddened me. 

Then I thought: "Why be sad when I can educate him?" 

What I know Turner wants is to stay home. Whether it's to play, laugh, love or learn (let's hope all), or just be is fine by me. This moment, the boys love painting, getting dirty, baking, helping around the house, doing homemade science experiments, fighting, playing together and learning from me. 

And they love driving me nuts, too. 

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