Monday, October 24, 2011

Well, That Went Fast!

What a blur of a few weeks! We've still been "doing school" but I just haven't even had time to take pictures and blog! My niece was born perfectly healthy and, at 9 days was admitted to the hospital for a fever. After a whirlwind of spinal taps, meningitis threats, and many tears, we found out her brain was mysteriously bleeding. I spent the next two weeks SO incredibly distracted I couldn't bother to blog! 

During this time I figured out a few things: 
1.) Eli is as excited about 2 tot trays as he is 12. 
2.) Nothing is ever going to be good enough so I'm just going to leave well enough alone (for now).
3.) Turner's math curriculum isn't doing it for me. I really like the workbook, but it's just too quick. He's doing just fine but learning to tell time in Kindergarten isn't the same thing as really mastering some basic skills. So, now in addition to Horizons math, we're starting Math U See primer (I think it's too simple for him but I'm going to try it out to make sure we've got our bases covered!). 

4.) I never stop moving, and it's exhausting! 
5.) I think we've got the hang of this home educating thing: even if we are a bit fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants some days! 

I'm off to finish up 10 things at once! 

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  1. Nellie, I think the main thing you learn in home educating is to fly by the seat of your pants! All the curriculum and planned activities are great, but the stuff they learn in between may actually be the more memorable. I'm always impressed at what you've put together. Oh, we're using the Primer for Jeremiah this year too. We skip stuff so he isn't doing the same thing over and over again. We're also using a Spiderman math book I found a long time ago at the dollar store. Whatever works, right? :)