Thursday, March 8, 2012


A few weeks ago Turner really expressed interest in learning to read. He was constantly asking what something said, or asking how to read a word on a sign. I had previously started sight words with him but I just didn't feel like it was a good beginning point so we stopped. I wanted Turner to be comfortable and, being a very strict "rule" kid, starting with "reading" sight words just seemed an un-natural beginning.

It seems like I searched forever to find the right "method" to teach reading. We read aloud multiple times daily but things just didn't click for him. He needs to have all the "rules" in place first. After hearing the name of the book several times, I decided on Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I have to admit, I thought it sounded hokey! After reading blog post after blog post of veteran homeschoolers using this book I had to see for myself. 

The first lessons are quite cut and dry so, while they were easy to get through, I often had to give incentive (i.e. using my phone to play a math game or something similar when the lesson was complete). After a few lessons, some of the sounds became words and his eyes lit up! Around lesson 16, Turner read his first sentence and it was like turning a key to unlock a door. He was so excited we went on to do lessons 17-20 RIGHT THEN. 

I absolutely LOVE the lesson book and will absolutely use it to teach the younger two how to read. 

Turner couldn't get enough of all this sounding out words thing so I decided to give him his first set of BOB books (that I was saving to put in his Easter basket). He just adored having his own books and was over the moon to read them to anyone that would listen! 

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  1. Good job, Turner! He's doing awesome, Nellie!