Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Sensory Boxes

The boys really enjoy their rice boxes that I've been making a la Counting Coconuts and Pink and Green Mama

Last week I saw a cute spring themed box somewhere and I'm kicking myself for not bookmarking the link. The rice boxes have done us well, but I can see the kids are getting a bit bored. 

(I've been taking pictures with my phone for TWO days. Remind me to charge my cameras!)

The result: 
Split green peas (grass) , lima beans (bugs) , tiny bow tie pasta  (butterflies), and fake cherry blossoms
left over from a recent household project), and a tiny pot.

Eli added bugs and a tractor. 

Turner chose to do some flower arranging. 

Deacon just sat around, looking cute. 
 I think the new box was a hit! Turner is always much neater and more precise with his pouring and playing. 

Eli is always a mess! But he has fun, so that counts for something. 

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