Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Another Day Around Here

Just finishing up another week around here. Tomorrow is "Family Friday" so school will take a back seat. I mean, there's always something to learn but nothing "official." It will be one of our last family dates for a while as John prepares to head off to more schools for his CO tour. 
Working on letter sounds with our DIY moveable alphabet.

Starfall fun. Turner loves using the computer!

Rexy had to help with our science experiment. I'll let you know how said experiment goes
and post some pictures of our germinating seeds! 


  1. We planted some seeds last week using paper towel & toilet paper rolls too! My mom made fun of me, but I read about it in some gardening book. It's recycling and it's cheap!

  2. hey, it takes up some time and gives the kids something to do!! my kids LOVED growing grass in their easter baskets last year so i thought'd they'd like this, too.