Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

While sitting down to learn your ABCs is just dandy, around here it's got to be interesting. With the boys' ages, it's hard to keep Turner engaged and not feeling like he's being grilled AND keep Eli happy and sort of involved. 


Let the games begin! 

This idea came from Eli. He's always trying to use sticks or belts as a "fishing cool" and Turner needs to keep practicing letters. It's better If they can play a game together so I can work with Turner without "working." (He does his work boxes but I try to limit the sit-down time to 30 minutes so neither of us end up frustrated.)

I made this ABC fishing game using Dollar Store foam pieces, googley eyes, magnets, dowels and hot glue. Oddly enough, I had everything on hand. That never happens; I'm usually missing something!


  1. I just caught up on this blog. I'm so impressed with everything! Jack & Casey would love this fish game. We have the sticks lying around...I'll have to get some magnets.

  2. I thought of them, Teresa! It seems like a game they'd like.

  3. Girl, you would make an amazing teacher!! So creative. Every time I read about the activities you do with the boys, I keep thinking, "Ooooh, gotta copy that!" :) Love it!!

  4. I just LOVE this fishing game! My son would love it. I'm not a hot glue person but maybe I can still make this. Glad you shared it in your 9/24 post.

  5. Hi! You could totally do this without hot glue! It was what I had on hand, but I'm sure super glue would work (quickly). I bet regular ol' Elmer's would be just fine...if you have the patience to let it dry!