Monday, February 21, 2011

Tripping Over Hurdles

Whew! Where does the time go? The minutes crrreeeeep by but the days fly.

We've been doings here and there. Mostly, just trying to get through the rest of this underway. I COMPLETELY underestimated how much work is involved in being creative and playful while balancing house work and just hang out time with the kids.

Last week we got nothing accomplished for school. While we did little things like reading our books, I didn't do any "proper" school work. Not for any other reason than I just couldn't get to it. Up all night for nights on end with the baby, Eli visiting at 4am every day, Turner following closely behind to ask why Eli wasn't in bed has left me exhausted.

Turner noticed that he hadn't done any school work and asked me about it this weekend! Talk about holding me accountable!


Back on the wagon we go...


  1. Don't feel too badly! There will always be more you can do. We took it easy last week and then skipped school yesterday because Phil was off work. We'll be skipping again on Thursday for Joshua's birthday. Funny thing is even on days when I don't have it all together the boys are still asking about things and still learning. That's what really matters :)

  2. Thanks, Nicole! I just, sort of, threw things together for the last few weeks and it seemed to be a hit. Some times I worry that I'm not teaching enough, but then someone will talk with Turner about something "common knowledge" and I know we're alright. :) I'm SO thankful Spring is here -lots to do!