Monday, January 31, 2011

This Week's Plan

This week we're back on the horse after taking all of last week off thanks to the flu. Turner asked about his "school work" all week last week but I was SO out of it between taking care of the kids, myself and then trying to get things sanitized.

Today got off to a slow start as I played referee. The kids are missing John and have been a little moody so there were lots of arguments and skirmishes. I had them take some time to paint wooden tanks that I picked up at Michaels.

Our letter this week is O. I'll be using lots of printouts from Confessions of a Homeschooler's blog and the boys will do some crafts for the words octopus, ocean and owl.

Today we'll be finishing up a Vanentine's countdown calendar. Turner is very excited about "ballen times" day and we have nothing better to do than little things every day! For 14 days we'll do things like give kisses, make Valentine's cards, mail packages to Grandmas and make treats. Turner really looks forward to things like that so I think it will be fun.

For gross motor skills we will be playing a few games with number and alphabet cards. Most of them involve racing or jumping.

Fine motor skillls will be practiced with our art and crafts.

Tuesday: I think we'll go to the aquarium and pray we don't get sick

Wednesday: Library story time and then we might have a play date with some friends

Thursday: Baking day, craft

Friday: Pizza and a movie night!

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