Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Continue or Not

So, here we are, just 4 months in to homeschooling.

It's all actually going well. I mean, it's just preschool and most of that is just facts of life type stuff. Turner is doing really well with his ABCs and 123s. His appetite for knowledge is incredibly fun to watch and he's often the one keeping me in check! We're done with all of the checkmarks children "should" know for going in to Kinder and now we're working on the shoe tying, *ahem* rear wiping, handwashing and general chores.
Playing a game. He still had to find the last 'r.' 

I think April is the time for registering for Kindergarten so John and I have been talking a lot about what we'll do for the next stage in Turner's schooling. At first, I wasn't sure John was on board with continuing to homeschool so I brought it up and it seems that he's completely supportive either way! I am lucky to have such an incredible supportive husband but now it's time to decide what to do.

It seems there's a lot to think about: send Turner off to school or continue to homeschool for the next school year. He was, initially, excited to go to Kindergarten but it seems he's more interested in staying home now.

We shall see what road we take!

In the mean time, we're still plugging along with "work." I made my very first lapbook. Until now, I've been printing out Tot Packs from two fantastic resources (Homeschool Creations and 1+1+1=1).

Spring lapbook. 

Life cycles of a plant, butterfly and frog (not pictured). Tracing cards,  things that hatch booklet,
memory game.
Parts of a flower.

Tracing cards. Covered in contact paper, so they're reusable. 

Life cycle of a plant mini book and a corresponding game. 

Life cycle of a butterfly.

Seed Math! I used pumpkin seeds since they're easier to handle. 

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