Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fine Motor Skills

This kid LOVES doing his school work and really keeps me on my toes. He's constantly asking if we've got things to do so every day I make sure to at least have his work boxes (4 of them) ready. In addition to those, I try to include a fine and gross motor skill task. Yesterday both Eli and Deaon were still sleeping so I got out a tack and used this worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler. He used the tack to poke holes in all of the dotted lines.

Our formal dining room is an awkward space for us at this time so I'm turning it in to a school/activity room of sorts. Even though Turner has expressed his wish to go to Kindergarten we'll still keep the area as a learning and exploring space as long as we're in the house. The kids are really enjoying all of the projects we're doing and, while his decision to go to Kinder is completely supported, I'm a little bummed. I'm really enjoying homeschooling but I guess I can't be selfish! I'll post pictures soon of Turner and Eli's work stations and how we're organized.

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