Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rice Sensory Boxes

Preschool work can only take up so much of your day! For times I want to keep the boys occupied but still learning, I turn to some of my favorite blogs for inspiration. 
This rice sensory box came from Pink and Green Mama.

The cast of characters.

I chose to keep it simple with primary colors.

Even Daddy got in on the action.

Starting to look like Fruity Pebbles. 

By using funnels, small and large utensils, and various other objects, Eli is getting
much better at pouring.

Turner has long mastered the skills.

The rice gets everywhere but we're on day 4 of the boxes and the kids LOVE them. I'm going to do a Valentine's Day box next and hide their favorite treasures: glass pebbles, cars and the like. 


  1. I was just wondering if there is a lot of clean up as I was reading this and then you wrote that the rice gets everywhere. I think Jack & Casey would like this too, but just from the way Casey eats her rice, I can see a lot of cleaning!

  2. You know, after a little coaching, there's just a thin layer of rice (mostly around Eli). It's not terrible, considering the amount of time they spend in the boxes. They will sit for almost an HOUR. Really. My kids...sitting...

    It's worth the sweep up for me!