Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Week's Plan

This week we're covering our bases with letters. Turner knows all of the letters by sight but not by sound so I made sand paper letters and we're working on what the letter "says." The idea is Montessori based and the boys love them. I backed all the vowels on blue felt and the consonants on pink.

I'm not sure if it's the sand paper letters or the new technique I learned for introducing things that Turner takes to so well to. The information seems to "stick" more. 

This week we're also working on "close to home." Turner has learned our address and could recited it back to me after just hearing it once. We've studied a map of our area and, later we'll "zoom out" a bit to learn, eventually, about Chesapeake, Virginia, the US, etc. 

The 5 senses are also on our list. We didn't get to it before nap time but we'll focus on touch first. 

For math readiness we'll be focusing on putting items in order from smallest to largest and learning some new vocabulary words. Like most kids, he understands counting and can do simple math but I want him to really understand the value of the numbers. I will be working on the 'po man's version of the Montessori Pink Tower when my cardboard nesting blocks arrive.

In other areas, we're using just plain old fashioned crafts to talk abut winter. We're refining our week, too. So far we've been doing:

Monday: baking day
Tuesday: art/craft
Wednesday: library story time

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