Sunday, January 2, 2011

Movement Forward is Movement!

The last few months have been a whirlwind! I've managed to loosely do some school work but, it's about time we buckle down and really hack away at all the things Turner would need to know before entering a "real school" as he calls it. As with most things, we're taking this homeschooling one year at a time. Turner has really expressed interest in going to school, taking the bus, and having friends so all eyes are on the the kinder knowledge prize.

As of late, we've switched gears from Waldorf every day to more Montessori themed activities. I still love Waldorf and enjoy incorporating elements of that with Montessori. What? Opposites can attract! We're making it work. Using these two schools of thought really helps us to switch gears and keep things fresh. Doing anything with a ball of energy like Eli requires skill ...and I was never classically trained in Eli! 

I've spent the last few weeks planning out what we need to do and by when so that we're on a schedule of sorts. Obviously, ample error time as been planned in. We are a family of five, living like nomads, so I think of these things now! We will be traveling in the spring to spend some time in New Jersey while John is at school in Rhode Island so I want all the need-to-know things touched upon. While we're traveling we can shift our focus from ABC's to incorporating that existing knowledge in to fun things! 

I'm really happy with our decision to homeschool. John and I have discussed different situations: Turner going to Kindergarten and, perhaps, keeping Eli at home for a bit. I think a child like Turner, if paired with the right teacher, can be used to help other kids. Eli, on the other hand, may be labeled and I'll have none of that! 

More posts and pictures soon! We're doing good things over here! 

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