Monday, September 26, 2011

A Handwriting Helper

Like most boys his age, handwriting just isn't Turner's thing. He doesn't know how to hold a writing utensil and, daily, his grip changes. He's on the verge of getting frustrated, so I decided to do a little asking, also known as "googling." I found a few great tips (like putting a tissue in his hand and having him squeeze it with his pinky and ring finger), but this sock idea stood out! I feel terrible because I have no idea where I found it, but, it's all for a good cause! 

Cut three holes in a sock (something fitting -like a child's sock) and pull that little thumb, pointer and middle finger out. By forcing the pinky and ring finger to stay behind, the child has to grip the pencil in a manner more conducive to writing...instead of the incredibly weird ways Turner was trying to hold the pencil! 

Before this, I had tried using any and every utensil -to no success! I was worried this might make him feel awkward, but he didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, he was pretty excited to wear his cool new "writing glove."

INSTANTLY he gripped the pencil AND had more success tracing! 
I was incredibly surprised at how excited he was! 

Showing off his glove, ninja style!
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