Friday, September 30, 2011

Waldorf Tradition: Michaelmas

Turner's only school experience so far was this awesome little Waldorf School in Jacksonville, FL. His attendance there was due in part to my hesitance to go with what everyone else was doing (sending their small children to "school."): something about doing that felt wrong since he was just not ready. A few months in to the regular school year a friend was yard sale-ing in the small community between 3rd and the beach and found the school. We set up a tour and quickly realized the Waldorf way was something interesting for early education. 

The love I developed for that school was immediate. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced and our first experience with a school was magical and filled with all sorts of foreign celebrations. The first we ever acquainted ourselves with was Michaelmas, the celebration of Saint Michael. Here is a super simplified version of the story that I loved telling the boys. 

We carried on the tradition this year with some dragon bread. Turner actually remembered parts of the very short story I told. 

We enjoyed the bread with along with some sword and battle axe play! 

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