Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week in Review

Our second week with off without a hitch! I wasn't sure how much we'd accomplish just because it was a busy week on the social calendar. In the end, Turner completed all of his work and Eli blew through all of the trays I had set up for him. 

We're still taking it easy and incorporating new things each week. By second week of October we should have our full load for the year. Next week I'm hoping to work on a formal morning routine so the kids know that after this (breakfast) we do that (play/morning work). 

It's been a little willy nilly around here. 

I use the Laurie Berkner Band station on Pandora in the morning and
spontaneous dance parties are common place. 

Jammin' out to "Starfish and Coffee."
 The bug sensory boxes were a hit! It allowed us to continue talking about what a scientist is and then introduce the idea of scientific instruments. Which led to a discussion about the multiple meanings of the term "instrument." 

We talked about observing different bugs. 

The "tools" were great for fine motor skills.
Eli is always the first to think outside of the box. He's always creating something! 

Ants (in this case a random bug) can carry ten times their weight. 

While the kids played, I had some (more) coffee and read On Beyond Bugs. Turner loved all the facts
about bugs! Both boys remembered the parts of a bug (head, thorax and abdomen) from listening. 
 Most of Turner's reading work was oral this week. We are still talking about words and sounds (phonemic awareness) any chance I remember. I also gave him two sight words to work with from Carissa at 1+1+1=1. I thought it was such a great idea to use two words he would be highly motivated to remember! 

Of course, we had to break up the day with some Super Hero action. I think Eli needed a cape so I used the back and neckband from a white shirt to make the cape and the masks and arm bands just happened.

Super Turner worked in his Get Ready for the Code book. He's (finally) almost done with this book so we can move on to Get Set (for the Code) book!

Who needs pants when you work from home? Eli certainly doesn't; he decided to do his shape match up game half dressed! 

This was my first attempt at "Fun Food Friday" a la Meet the Dubiens! I know mine would be lame this week because we had so much going on, but the kids loved it any way. I ordered a bunch of really cute cutters and punches from here. If I would have only had the foresight in Japan, I could have had boxes of the cutest bento accessories for mere dollars!
Since the theme for the week was bugs, I attempted a bug plate. Someone (who shall remain nameless)
decided to get in to his snack before I could get a better picture. Ants (dried cranberries) in grass (celery),
a caterpillar (edamame), a spider (fruit leather) on a tree (pretzel rod, steamed broccoli), butterflies (flour tortillas decorated with food safe markers), and a sun (mandarin oranges, mini marshmallow eyes and decorating gel). 

Eli counting bees.

Turer was "sewing" while Eli threaded beads on to pipe cleaners. 
I'm happy we had another great week!

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