Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Donuts and the Beach: Off-Day Edition

This was our first curveball day. The kids were up to MAJOR shenannigans last night and we were tortured souls this morning. My husband suggested we head out for out annual (ok, for the second year in a row around the beginning of fall) trip to Duck, NC, to hit up Duck Donuts. 

I was going to pack things for Turner to do when it occurred to me he might like a little breather, too. It is only Kindergarten and, well, sometimes family time is more important than hitting the books!

Pop three kids in the car, add two parents with to-go coffees and an hour an a half later...
Eli was singing "mmm mmm mmm dounuts!" while he waited (im)patiently.

The boys were still in their pajamas. It was that kind of morning.
Warm, cakey and ready to soak in the glazes. 
Eli's bed-head. 
75 and sunny: perfect for donuts on the deck, overlooking the sound. 

The choice du jour, chocolate (thick and fudgey!) with sprinkles.
Deacon says: "Hmm, which shall I choose?"
"Uh, that one!" 
Somebody named Eli decided to take bites out of each donut. 

After donuts, we headed down the road to Kitty Hawk to play on the beach. Lost of places still had hurricane damage and there was still debri on the beach. Thankfully, the surf was incredibly rough (8-10 foot waves) and there was a bad rip current so we didn't have to brave the chilly water! 

The kids had fun collecting skate egg cases, shells and a great horseshoe crab shell! 


We didn't necessarily need the break today, but we really don't know how much time we'll have with Daddy really around. Oh, and it wasn't like I was going to have the most cooperative audience!  

So, today, it was the school of life and it worked out just fine.

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  1. Great, now you have me craving donuts! LOL! Love how he took a bite from each donut. :-) I am a new follower from the Show and Tell Blog Hop. Vicky @

  2. Oh, were they goooood. I'll head over to check you out! You had me at "mess"...and "for less." :)