Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Plan, Stan

*Edited to add: We'll be talking about Michaelmas and baking up some dragon bread to "slay!" Here is a simple blog post explaining Michaelmas and how to celebrate.*

Here's what we're up to in school!

Letter of the Week: Dd


Co-op on Tuesday

Horizons Math: Lessons 20-22 We're starting to slow up as the lessons are beginning to introduce new things. They are still quite easy for him, but I don't want to push anything. 

Other Math: numbers 1-20 identification game (Confessions of a Homeschooler), dinosaur measuring using an idea from I Can Teach My Child

Phonics: (Rocket Phonics): We spent very little time on this last week so, hopefully, this week, we'll continue with phonemic awareness! 

Other Phonics: letter bingo, but the player must use the letter sound 

Reading Skills:  Two more sight words from the 1+1+1=1 color by number sight words and also review the previous words. 

Reading: This week we're reading a bunch of library books about dinosaurs! 

Science: Last week we didn't make it to our first  Outdoor Hour Challenge so the goal is to put together the nature journals (really, just some paper stapled together). 

Other: This week is all about dinosaurs! We'll be doing a few things and ending the week with a fossil dig!  


Letter of the Week: Dd and we're all about dinosaurs. We'll see where the week leads us in terms of printables and the like.

I'll post everything he's doing on Tuesday! 

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