Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Plan, Stan

Fall is right at the door so I'm excited to get started on lots of crafts and activities. This week I'll be adding one or two additional items to our week, but that's only because the kids keep asking for things to do. The excitement when Eli sees his trays or Turner sees his different books laid out is quite odd. I mean, I'm extremely happy that they like what I've got in store for them but I'm a little nervous that it will wear off quickly! 

At any rate, we had another great week last week (week 2) so I'm looking forward to the new week! 

Here's what we're up to in school:

Letter of the Week: Cc


Co-op on Tuesday

Horizons Math: Lessons 13-18 -again, this is still number identification and listening to very basic directions (circle the bird on the left, etc)

Other Math: numbers 1-20 identification assessment (Confessions of a Homeschooler), using games to practice identification (bottle cap math game from COAH), caterpillar graphing from our COAH Letter of the Week Curriculum 

Phonics: (Rocket Phonics): On-going (very short) oral lessons for phonemic awareness. This week we'll play the "I'm thinking of a word" game where I'll say: "I'm thinking of a word and my word is /c/ /a/ /t/. Can you guess my word? It's just something to get him listening to the sounds of words but in a more "formal" way. 

Other Phonics: using an idea from Pintrest, I'll make up a dot-a-dot game where Turner will listen for single sounds and use the dot-a-dot markers to mark off the letters. First person (even though he's playing "against" Eli) to find all their sounds correctly wins. 

Reading Skills: The "mom" and "dad" sight words from last week were a hit! I think he really enjoyed learning words he was interested in. This week I'll choose two more from the 1+1+1=1 color by number sight words and also review the previous words. I also printed off a bingo game to play and practice letters (I found this on Pintrest)

Reading: We are using the Before Five in a Row books. This week we're reading Caps For Sale and using Homeschool Creations printables to expand on the book. The printables are a great introduction to money, graphing, using a ruler as well as language, phonics and reading skill practice! 

Science: a quick talk about how scientists observe the world around them and an introduction to their magnifying glasses (well, new ones because the old ones have been destroyed!) and their nature journals. It will also be our fist week of the Outdoor Hour Challenge from the Handbook of Nature Study blog. 

Other: I'd like to try to make a cute project I saw on Counting Coconuts. I think it will help to reinforce where we live in relation to the world and give us something to talk about during calendar time.  


Letter of the Week: Cc and we're using the Camping theme from Homeschool Creations and 2 Teaching Mommies for printables and ideas!  

I'll post everything he's doing on Tuesday! 

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