Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week in Review

I'm going to be totally honest here. As this week approached, I decided to set my expectations llloooow. Standards high, but expectations way down there. I saw so many new homeschoolers say their first day was AWESOME and then it went downhill from there. Some were keeping rigorous schedules, waking children up to start a day by XX time, some were timing activities, some just doing too much (in my opinion) at the start. 

I completely believe in having a system, but the rhythm is more important to me. For example, after we wake up we eat breakfast, then the boys throw dishes in the sink, they play, Deacon lays down for a nap, we do school stuff, they play, and so on. 

It worked like a charm. I'm sure the novelty of activities had something to do with it, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for when that gets old. 

Eli loved is Tot Trays! The pom-pom color sorting was his favorite! 

He also loved his letter Aa crafts and is so happy to see them on the wall.

Turner blew through six math lessons (it's only Thursday), and all sorts of oral phonemic awareness exercises. I printed off the Star Wars preschool pack from Homeschool Creations and, while he loved it, I realized that he can do so much more than just 3 months ago! 

Eli was really eager to try anything! 

Deaon tried out his first real walking shoes. I got them from See Kai Run on sale! I still can't believe he's finally walking! 

 I printed off more Dot-a-Dot activities from my Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week curriculum. 

For the "moon rock" sorting, Eli was more interested in using the mini grabber (from the Dollar Tree) than sorting the letters but he eventually wanted to look inside the papers.

 Mr. Deacon decided to get in to everything so I had to contain him for five minutes. He was feeling extra grabby and, since the big boys' work is at his level, it was game on. 

We were even able to start some artwork! I love Pink and Green Mama for ideas! Mary Lea is such a wonderful inspiration and we always look for reasons to get messy! 

Overall, we had a great week! Tomorrow is "Fun Food Friday" and I have a surprise I've been saving since our visit to DC a few weeks ago! They are going to be happy boys. 

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  1. I love the Star Wars preschool pack! I'm going to print out some of the writing and reading parts for Jack. I'm trying to add some more school like activities to his day.

    Looks like you had an awesome week!