Friday, September 23, 2011

Week in Review

This week was definitely a lesson in why it's cool to homeschool. It was just a bunch of normal life (ahem, recovering from birthday week) being more important that sitting down to formally school. We still managed to get almost everything done (hey, there's always down time on Saturday and Sunday). The kids had a terrible night where they were up from about 2-5am so we just went out for an hour and a half drive to get donuts. 'Cause who doesn't drive to a different state for donuts? We spent time with Daddy as we know the easy way of life is coming to an end for our household, and just played in the rain. 

The kids were none the wiser that we had an off week because they still learned in lots of different ways. Most importantly to me is they played together as brothers for uninterrupted hours upon uninterrupted hours. Don't worry, they fought like crazy, too.
Turner, caterpillar graphing (from our LOTW curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler).
Working on solidifying identification of numbers 1-20.
Eli, identifying numbers 1-10.
Turner working in his Horizons math book. He's completed through lesson 18. (I think he's done with what I had planned through December.) I'm anticipating using the book less and manipulatives more once he's gotten through the easier lessons. Despite it's incredibly lacking "teachers manual" I like the books for it's thorough beginning content. 
Sorting letters Aa, Bb and Cc. He did it quickly and without help and was very proud of that! 
Mr. D eating his breakkie while his big brothers did some work.
My husband's only request was that the kids learn the pledge. My favorite part is when Eli says "...and to the re-pug-a-lix..." Publix is a store in Florida and he called it "Pug-a-lix." I just think it's adorable! 

We welcomed FALL on our calendar! 
Well, can't you see?!? It's an obstacle course...for WORMS! 
Diggin' for bugs between rain storms.
Turner working on his Go For the Code book.

It was another great week! 

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